$140 a Night. What to Expect in Kenya!

$140 a Night. What to Expect in Kenya!

$140 a Night. What to Expect in Kenya!

The hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. But it has also been one of the most affected by the digital revolution. This is because, more and more people are now choosing to stay in serviced apartments instead of hotels or guesthouses.

Serviced apartments offer a lot more than what hotels can offer – for a fraction of the cost. They are often located in prime locations and have amenities like gyms, pools and restaurants on site. There are also many hotels that have started offering serviced apartments as an option to their guests.

Le Mac Towers

Le Mac Hotel is located in the heart of Nairobi. It is situated in a convenient location near to the city’s business and entertainment district.

It has an elegant design that blends seamlessly with its surroundings and offers a refreshing, modern take on luxury hotel living. The hotel features a variety of facilities including an indoor pool, fitness center, restaurant and bar.

You can take in the breathtaking views from this 120-meter-tall building in the center of Westlands while basking on its roof terrace, unwinding in the endless heated pool, strolling around the 24th floor on the glass skywalk, or dining at its first-rate panoramic sky restaurant.

Le’ Mac, one of Nairobi’s most recognizable skyscrapers, provides an unmatched combination of living quarters, workspace, and amusement areas.

It establishes a new standard for mixed-use buildings throughout the entire region by fusing five-star grandeur with standard conveniences. The objective was to develop a distinctive location that merges into the urban environment and provides fresh and innovative methods of working, living, and having fun.

Prime Living Luxury Apartments

$140 a Night. What to Expect in Kenya!

Prime Living Luxury Apartments is a company that offers luxury apartments in Le Mac. They offer a range of apartment sizes and prices to suit the needs of every customer.

Showcased below is $140 a Night – What to Expect in Kenya! This is a 2 Bedroom Deluxe Apartment. This two-bedroom apartment is 120sqm and consists of a master-bedroom en-suite, one guest bedroom, a guest bathroom as well as an open kitchen and dining & lounge configuration.

$140 a Night. What to Expect in Kenya!

Luxury serviced apartments are one of the most popular housing options for the international community in Kenya. These apartments offer all the amenities that one would need to live comfortably in a foreign country.

This serviced apartment, for example, offers a range of facilities and services to their tenants. They provide:

– House keeping

– Well equipped kitchen with: oven, microwave, dish washer

– laundry services

– fitness centers (At an extra cost)

– heated swimming pool ( At an extra cost)

– 24-hour security guards

Conclusion: $140 a Night. What to Expect in Kenya!

The decision on whether or not you should spend less on your hotel, Airbnb or serviced apartment mainly depends on what type of traveler you are, where you are traveling to, and what amenities you need.

Short term

If your visit is short term, if you want to be close to Nairobi central business district and want luxury, then yes, this $140 a night apartment will definitely do. Prime Living Luxury Apartments will also give you a discount if you need to stay there for long term.

Long Term

If your visit is long term, you might be better of with a rental unit.

Some of these pros for of a rental unit include:

  • It’s cheaper. This 2 bedroom apartment shown below, for example, is in the same area as the serviced apartment and its rent goes for 80,000 Kshs per month ( $665 per month).

Some of the cons include

  • If your looking for luxury, this rental unit wouldn’t even come close to the serviced apartment.
  • Features such as house keeping won’t be available to you
  • For your laundry services, you’ll have to seek them elsewhere or buy your own washing machine.
  • You’ll have to furnish the apartment by yourself. This will be an extra cost for you.

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