Prime Living Luxury Apartments

Prime Living Luxury Apartments

Church Road, Westlands, Nairobi

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  • 100% Serviced Apartment

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  • 100% Nairobi

About Prime Living Luxury Apartments

About Prime Living Luxury Apartments

Prime Living Luxury Apartments are located at Le Mac. Standing at 120m tall, in the heart of Westlands, you can enjoy the stunning views, bask on its roof terrace, relax in the infinite heated pool, walk on the glass skywalk all around the 24th floor or dine at its first-class panoramic sky restaurant.

Le’ Mac is one of the most iconic highrise buildings in Nairobi, offering an unsurpassed mix of accommodation, offices and recreational space.

Weaving five-star luxury into everyday amenities, it sets a new benchmark for mixed-use buildings in the entire region. The Goal was to create a unique destination that blends into the cityscape and offers new and creative ways of living, working and entertainment. The layout of all facilities is based on a space-efficient and elaborate accommodation concept, tailored for the specific expectations of today’s and tomorrow’s quality-seeking Clientele.

Thanks to its distinct design and its impeccable architecture, le‘Mac is not only a great addition to Nairobi‘s skyline it also offers an unmatched luxury living experience in Nairobi – excelling local standards.

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