The Amazing Kenya Homes

The Amazing Kenya Homes

Kenya has a diverse range of homes, from low-cost housing to luxury residences. Beautiful Kenya homes can be seen in Kenya, a country with a varied geography. There are residences in Kenya for everyone, from Mombasa to Nairobi, the coast to the highlands, the grassland to the rainforest.

Below are some incredible Kenya homes:

Single Family Homes.

A single family home is a dwelling unit that has one or more private living areas and is occupied by one household. The size of the house can vary from a studio apartment to a large mansion.

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Single family homes are a real estate often built in suburban areas on plots of land, with the intention of being detached from any other buildings. A single-family home can be a detached house, semi-detached house, townhouse, row house, or any other type of residential unit in which all living spaces are single-family units.

Example of Single family Kenya homes :

4 Bedroom Massionate + Dsq

4 Bedroom Massionate Plus Dsq To Let In Kilimani

Closed kitchen plan
Wash area

This 4 bedroom massionate is listed by Musili Homes and is showcased by Nyumbani.


Townhouses are one of the best options for people who want to own a home in a city.

A townhouse is a type of a real estate that usually has only one level and shares walls with other units in the same building.

kenya homes townhouse

Townhouses are often designed with the same style as single-family homes or row houses, but they typically have smaller lot sizes and less space between each unit.

Example of townhouse Kenya homes:

4 Bedroom Townhouse For Sale In Lavington

Ksh 60million
All ensuite
In a gated community
Closed kitchen plan fully fitted
Front and backyard garden
Family room

This 4 bedroom is showcased by Nyumbani.


An apartment refers a real estate used for residential accommodation in buildings that are usually rented.

apartment kenya homes

Apartments are typically located on higher floors or above shops and other businesses and accessed by either stairs or elevators. The term apartment is also used in some countries as a synonym for rented accommodation.

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