Your Guide to Nairobi Real Estate in 2022

Your Guide to Nairobi Real Estate in 2022

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions in your life. It is arguably the largest purchase that most people make in their lives, so it is important to take time and think about what you want from your new home before making a decision.

The factors to consider when purchasing a house can be broken down into four categories: location, size, property type and price.


Nairobi real estate is a booming industry, with more and more people buying properties to live in or rent out. There are many factors that need to be considered when buying a house, and one of them is the location.

Nairobi has many different neighborhoods with different types of property. For example, there are areas with ample space for new developments and others that have small houses that are not as expensive.

Location is the most important consideration when buying a house. It is not just about convenience, but also about safety and comfort. A house in a good location can be more expensive than one in an average location but it will give you peace of mind.


The size of your Nairobi real estate will depend on how many people are living in it, how much space you need and what amenities you want in your house.

Property Type

The types of Nairobi real estate include detached housing, condominiums, townhouses, and apartments.

The type of house or property an individual may want to buy will depend on their personal preferences. Some people prefer to live in detached housing while others may prefer an apartment or condo.

Price and Budget

When buying Nairobi real estate the most important factors to consider are the purchase price and budget.

The purchase price is what you pay for the property. The budget is what you can afford to spend on the property.

There are many factors that affect the purchase price of a property such as location, size, condition, and type of housing as discussed above.

The budget will also depend on how much you can afford to spend on a home and your lifestyle needs.

Locations in Nairobi Where You Can Purchase Houses

Nairobi is a city that has been growing rapidly in the past few years. With this rapid growth, there are many new developments and residential areas that have sprung up.

Here, we will explore some of the most popular residential areas where you can purchase Nairobi Real Estate.


In Nairobi, Karen is a well-liked area for buying Nairobi real estate. It is situated outside the city and renowned for its broad streets and well-kept gardens. Many high-end properties can be found in Karen, which is a popular option for people seeking a tranquil, natural living.

nairobi real estate showcased by nyumbani

Neighborhoods that are similar to Muthaiga, Runda, Kitisuru, and Loresho

The prices of the villas for sale in Karen and these environs start at 35,000,000 Ksh. Villas can cost up to 180,000,000 Ksh on the high end.

A rental 4-bedroom villa in the area will start anywhere from 200,000 Kshs.


Located roughly 5 kilometers (3 miles) west of Nairobi’s main commercial sector lies the wealthy enclave of Kilimani. If you’ve thought of moving to Kilimani or investing there, you’re on the right track.

nairobi real estate showcased by nyumbani

Kileleshwa, Lavington, and Westlands are a few areas that are comparable.

Just to give you an overview of Nairobi real estate in Kilimani. The price of a one-bedroom flat in Kilimani starts at 4,500,000 Ksh and goes up from there. In these places, 2 bedroom flats can be found for as little as 7,500,000 Ksh.

A 1-Bedroom apartment for rent in Kilimani ranges anywhere from 45,000 Kshs up to 90,000 Kshs. A 5-bedroom villa in the area might start anywhere around 200,000 Kshs.


Embakasi is another popular neighborhood for Nairobi real estate. It is located east of the central business district  and has a variety of options, from affordable housing  to high end. Embakasi is considered part of Nairobi’s Eastlands area, lying to the south-east of Nairobi province and bordering locations in Eastlands proper such as Pipeline Estate, Tena Estate, and Makadara Estate.

A 3 bedroom apartment in Embakasi starts anywhere from 7,500,000 Kshs.

A rental 1-bedroom apartment in Pipeline will go for 9,000 Kshs while a similar apartment in Tena Estate will go for 14,000 Kshs. Embakasi is a really big area and the main factors driving these rent diversities are security, water availability and comfortability.


Syokimau is a residential area in the west of Machakos County just south of  Nairobi and Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Syokimau is an upcoming town and it’s real estate hasn’t been left behind. Majority of the Nairobi real estate in this area is accommodated with people living with their families because of the affordability.

A 2 Bedroom apartment in Syokimau will start anywhere from 4,500,000 Kshs.

Showcased below is a 3 bedroom apartment going for 8,500,000 Kshs.

Kahawa Wendani

There are many types of houses for rent in Kahawa Wendani. You can find Nairobi real estate for rent in all different price ranges. You can find houses that are perfect for a family, or you can find a house that is perfect for a single person. There are also houses that are perfect for a group of friends. The greater population in Kahawa Wendani is that of students due to its close proximity to Kenyatta University. This means the area is quite affordable.

A 1-bedroom apartment for rent in Kahawa Wendani starts anywhere from 12,000 Kshs.

Below is a virtual tour of a 2 bedroom apartment for rent in Kahawa Wendani:

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