Why you need virtual tours in Kenya

Why you need virtual tours in Kenya

What is a Virtual Tour?


Virtual Access  is a Kenyan company that develops and publishes totally interactive virtual tours & 360 HD photos for a number of sectors and industries. Our virtual tours are not just amazing visual effects for your website, they are also very capable, business and marketing tools. This immersive media can be used to promote selling your spaces, property and services. Virtual tours can be placed on Google Street View and this will allow anyone who searches for your business on Google to be able to virtually walk through your business all in their own comfort, using their computers, tablets and phones.

A virtual tour can also be viewed in virtual reality and allows people to immerse themselves in the physical location and allow them to interact with the space in a way which traditional ‘flat’ photography can’t reproduce.

We work very closely with our clients to ensure that we create a digital twin of your space. This will improve your customer experience by allowing them to fully interact with your space in virtual reality. 

Why you need virtual tours in Kenya

1. Let your clients & customers find you on Google

By linking your virtual tour to Google Street View, you allow everyone who searches for your business on Google, to see all your business has to offer. This is the best way to advertise any type of business as anyone who Googles your business will be able to see inside and interact with you.

2. Save your clients and customers’ time

Clients and customers can see exactly what the business has to offer and by the time they take the trip to the physical location, they already know what you have to offer and what they want.

3. Embed the virtual tours on your website and keep people on your website 5-10 times longer

This media is very interactive and this creates massive interest and curiosity among your clients & customers as they virtually tour around the space.

You can embed the tours on your website to improve your online customer experience.

4. Tours are available 24/7

Unlike your physical shop which closes, virtual tours are always available.

Real Estate virtual tours give access to potential clients who cannot make the trip in person to see the home and the 24/7 availability makes it easy for you to advertise it at all times.

5. Smart and effective marketing strategy

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Using Virtual Access virtual tours & 360 photos, clients & customers are able to interact with your business as if they were actually there. This direct interaction proves to be a better marketing tool than the traditional marketing. 

6.  Gain trust from your investors

Showcase your business, property or space and build trust and transparency between you and your investors. 

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